Social Media in Sports

I believe that sports in the world of social media, has improved in the last few years.  Now you can go to the internet to view  replays, bad calls, statistics, and game schedules.  Even when it comes down to a post game or halftime show  they can be watched on a podcast.   I think sports are showing up in social media, because it’s a quick and easy way to get your information out to a large population. Today in the real world who doesn’t use the internet?  I know I do, when a player  scores a winning goal, hits a three pointer in the last few seconds of a game, or even hits a grand slam, the first place you go to view these amazing plays is the Internet.  I believe the three most popular items searched for on the Internet are sports, news, and weather.  People feel that the Internet is a very reliable source to extract information on these topics.   

            Today in sports it is a fact that more sports fans are using the web as oppose to television, “statistics show that more than 80% of sports fans monitor social media sites while they are watching the game on television and over 60% do when they are actually at the game”.  There are big stars in the world of social media today such as Tim Tebow (New York Jets), Jeremy Lin (NBA), and Cristiano Ronaldo (World cup soccer player), and they have all promoted themselves and their brand through Twitter.  Sport stars are icons of these huge social media sites because everyone wants them to be their friends on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and many other sites. Why do people want to be their friends? They want to be their friends because they look up to them as role models.

            Intercollegiate (NCAA) has had a huge impact through the world of social media. Danny Kanell, a college football analyst for ESPN  said “I definitely think that social media has been a game-changer all across the sports landscape. No matter what position you’re in—whether you’re a player, a coach or a broadcaster like myself”.  Social media is  giving the average high school student more of an opportunity to play  intercollegiate sports. Before the world of social media, it was all done by recruiting trips across the United States of America.  Now the coaches are able to watch videos of these athletes via the Internet to see if they will be an asset to their team.


             I believe that sports are greatly impacted today by social media, and are advancing today in the real world because of the social media. Through the eyes of social media they are not only promoting professional sports, but Intercollegiate as well.  I think social media today has bought sports to a whole new level. What is your favorite sport to follow through the eyes of social media? and Why?


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